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Deke Packing Co.,ltd

Deke Packing Co.,ltd produces all kinds of reusable bags such as: non woven bags, pp woven bags, paper bags, polyester bags, cotton bags.

Non woven bags are made from 100% brand new Non PP woven, they are eco-frinedly, washable, reusable. It can be completely biolysised outside after 90days.  Because non woven bags are reusable, many companies buy them and print their own logo on the bag to broadcast their brand by shoppers.
It likes a free AD-truck. Non woven bags are widely used on North America.

PP woven bags are made from 100% brand new PP woven. They also reusable and much stonger than non woven bags. Pp woven bags are very welcome in Europe. PP woven bags usually with lamination. Because only with laminated OPP film, the printing effect will be very good.

Paper bags are made from wood plup. That's why it can be recylced to re-make bags. It is eco--friendly, expect the OPP film.

Polyester bags are made from polyester, it usually used for drawstring bag and laundry bags. 190T and 210D polyester are widely used for polyester bags.

Cotton bags's price is very expensive in China. That's why cotton bags are difficult to be used widely.

Deke Packing Co., Ltd. can produce reusable bags according to customers' needs, print customers' logo on bags.
OEM and ODM service are avaliable.

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